Maricopa’s 2022 Election: Evidence of Continuing Egregious Signature Verification Practices

With the Kari Lake lawsuit still ongoing, Monday’s Arizona State Senate hearing on the 2022 election substantiated the importance of Lake’s fight to restore the integrity of elections in Arizona. Shelby Busch with We the People AZ Alliance brought the receipts with her presentation about Maricopa County’s broken signature verification system. Busch alleges little has been fixed since 2020 in the state’s elections concerning the important signature verification process. Senator Wendy Rogers, Chair of the Senate Election Committee, was attentive and gave Busch the time needed to illustrate her material findings adequately. In Tuesday’s interview below, Kari Lake told Joe Pagiliano, “This is serious stuff and resulted in about half a million votes being counted that shouldn’t have been counted.”

Busch and her team investigated and supplied significant evidence collected during her investigation for the Maricopa Forensic Audit in 2021. She and her colleagues allegedly found ample evidence of fraud and procedural malfeasance in the 2020 election. Busch contends Maricopa County failed in 2020 to follow EAC standards. Moreover, Busch says, “those failures continue to this day.” Busch said that “10 percent of the signatures” her team reviewed for the 2020 and 2022 elections fell in the “egregious” category.

Attempting to remain unbiased, “We trained our workers to pass a ballot, not to look for a reason not to pass a ballot. Every one [of the ballot envelopes] that fell into this egregious category we believe has zero capability of meeting any of the Secretary of State standards,” said Busch.

Sig-Verification in Maricopa Continues to be Underresourced

Busch wants Arizonans to understand that the continued problems with signature verification have a lot to do with the County’s “failure to properly fund and staff” the signature verification process. The implications of her statement are profound. “Signature verification in the 2020 election, the system was never repaired,” said Busch. Busch also told UncoverDC there is “no way the county will ever be able to do it properly” if the County continues to “under-resource” the critical process of signature verification.

Notably, her team was powered by about 150 individuals who put in about 5700 combined work hours to verify the ballot image signatures. Busch says her “ultimate overall goal is to help people understand that signature verification is just a terrible way to identify a human being” for something as important as an election.

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