LA Judge and DA break the law by releasing Konnech’s servers to China

Video from Eugene Yu’s evidence hearing on Wednesday:

The LADA dropped charges against him. Konnech’s servers were returned to China last Thursday. According to a federal court order dated March 3rd, Konnech’s servers should be returned to the Houston Federal Court.

When? Upon conclusion of Konnech CEO Eugene Yu’s $2.6 million embezzlement case in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Konnech sells election software used by over a thousand Election Boards in the U.S. Konnech stores its clients’ data in Beijing, China.

The criminal case against Eugene Yu concluded Wednesday, according to Judge Amy Ashvanian, after 14 evidence hearings. Instead, where did the servers go? China. To their owner, the China Communist Party (CCP) in Beijing.

On April 27th, according to Luke Sisak, the Assistant Los Angeles District Attorney, who was in charge of the Eugene Yu case.

What happened to the documents that took three weeks to print? Nothing printed.

According to public information searches, the LADA never paid the $125,000 to a cyber firm to crack Konnech’s servers.

Why? There was no contract.

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