Florida elections office has no oversight for ballots or chain of custody, whistleblower alleges

A whistleblower in the Orange County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) office in Orlando, Fla., alleges there is no oversight of the creation and management ballots, allowing for the possibility of voter fraud to occur.

Brian Freid, a lifelong Democrat and whistleblower in the Orange County SOE, was fired from his position as the Information Systems Director in October after he called for the firing of another SOE official found by two separate investigations to have allowed unredacted voter data to be accessed by unauthorized personnel and kept private employee information and pirated software on his computer.

Freid has now filed a second sworn affidavit with the local FDLE following a prior affidavit alleging the exfiltration of private voter data to hundreds of workers, potentially jeopardizing the security of thousands of protected voters. 

His new affidavit alleges there is “Unsecure and Unsupervisedcreation, printing, management and storing of live ballots” at the Orange County SOE. Security cameras are kept “out of critical areas where live ballots are stored,” Freid told Just the News on Friday, and while “state regulations say they have to be monitored and in secure location,” the ballot storage location “is not very secure, or not secure at all.”


Freid alleged that this is because Orange County SOE Bill Cowles, a Democrat who has held office since 1996, has not put necessary security measures in place.

“There is no management of ballot creation, ballot tracking, or the management of the thumb drives used to copy the ballot PDF’s [sic],” Freid’s affidavit reads. The ballot PDFs — live ballots that are created in a PDF format — are “written to a thumb drive so that they can be printed.”

There are also thumb drives that are only to be used on the morning of Election Day to transfer the voter database between ePoll book tablets. The thumb drives used for ePoll book tablets “contain unredacted voter data for all voters, including protected voters,” according to Freid’s affidavit.

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