EFI announces ProjectStinger.com Cooperative Agreement 

For Immediate Release

Phoenix, AZ — EFI is pleased to announce a cooperative agreement with Make Honey Great Again founder and owner, Todd Gerhart. Project Stinger will help fund the Voter Rolls Analysis Project across eight states that EFI announced yesterday. “Bees feed America with their pollination activities across every variety of food plant, from fruits to vegetables; now the bees will save elections,” said Todd Gerhart.

Mark Finchem, Chairman and CEO of EFI, an IRS approved 501(c)(3), says, “Todd came up with a great campaign to help us raise the needed money to engage in voter rolls analysis designed to identify “phantom voters,” disqualified voter registration addresses and more. This is sort of like crowdfunding, only it’s swarm-funding.”

To purchase a specialty bottle of honey, visit https://ProjectStinger.com

To support election fairness, please visit GoEFI.org.

Media Contact: Hon. Mark Finchem, 520-808-7340, mark@GoEFI.org