EFI Announces Launch of the Precinct Mapping Project

For Immediate Release

Phoenix, AZ — The Election Fairness Institute announces the launch of the Precinct Mapping Project. The smallest political unit found in states is the “Precinct,” or in some states the “Ward”. The Election Fairness Institute is now offering precinct level analysis that reveals likely voter registration irregularities and election manipulation.

Researching & Analysis Records
The research that goes into each map, and the corresponding data file, is significant. Voter roll data is not always easy to obtain, but the mapping team takes government data, and translates it into a list of suspect precincts within each county of a state, then translates it into a visual representation, a map.

The Purpose of the Project
Over 70% of Americans believe that recent elections are illegitimate. In many cases, like in Maricopa County, Arizona, there is a significant body of evidence to show that voter registration rolls have been tainted by illegitimate “phantom” voters. The Precinct Mapping Project is designed to be one component of a larger Quarantine Strategy. Empowering local community leaders and election integrity teams, who have limited resources, with actionable intelligence and guidance is key to restoring legitimacy to the polluted voter rolls. Finding the suspect precincts is the first step in the process of effective canvassing to identify impermissible voter registration addresses. The Quarantine Strategy is designed to identify suspect registration addresses, identify voter anomalies, and to quarantine ballots that may originate from them until cured.

Product Offering
The Election Fairness Institute is ready to provide a quote on mapping any state. See sample below. The Election Fairness Institute, Inc. is an IRS Approved 501(c)(3) non-profit public interest research organization engaged in election process analysis and publication of research for the purpose of advancing transparent, secure, and fair elections free of special interest influence.

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